Mapping The Life You’ll Lead After Exiting Your Business

You’ve poured time, money and energy into your business, but have you considered what you’ll do when you exit it? Have you thought about where you’d like to be in the future – career wise, financially and geographically? Without proper planning or thought, you could be plunged into no-man’s land, not knowing which fork in […]

The Value Add To Business

The true value of a business is certainly not just based on its annualised net profits, but more to the point, it is a multiple of the aggregated value of its component parts. Businesses that are willing to put in place and implement the following practices and procedures will be rated as far more valuable […]

The Importance Of Getting Your Documents Checked

It is extremely relevant in any organisation to have ones legal documents checked. The real question is what would happen and what impact would this have on your organisation if some of these documents were wrong or not favourably drafted having due regard to the company’s commercial and long term interests. Examples of these that […]