Exit planning is a process which begins with the end goal in mind. We agree on what that end goal should look like and then we work back from there to achieve that goal.

In order to prepare to exit one’s business, the following review is carried out to achieve maximum gain:

  1. Do you know the value of your business.
  2. What is the time period you are considering to exit your business.
  3. Is the exit a full or partial exit.
  4. Do you wish to remain on as a consultant for a period of time after the sale.
  5. Who are the likely people to take over or buy out your business eg. is it a third party buy-out or perhaps a management buy-out.
  6. Is the pay-out a once-off payment or can the pay-out be staggered or deferred.
  7. Have you considered issues like restraints of trade.


Once all these matters have been discussed and evaluated, we can begin working on the effective implementation of an exit plan. We can also work with you to increase the value of your business over time so that the gain you receive from the sale can be maximised.