Colin is a highly regarded business strategist and consultant with over 40 years experience in finance, merchant banking and the law.

Colin specialises in turning businesses around and also advises on exit strategies and succession planning.

Colin is renowned as a clear and incisive commercial thinker and problem solver and has sat on a number of advisory boards to companies.

His wealth of experience makes him greatly sought after and he is known to add considerable value to businesses and to his clients personally. His approach is always friendly, to the point and results driven.

With his passion, energy and direct approach, Colin has become known as the business person’s “Mr Fixit”. With his keen insight and clear, objective approach, Colin has helped numerous business owners achieve their stated objectives.

Always beginning with the end in mind, Colin has assisted many clients to hit their targets with amazing accuracy.

We have worked with Colin for over 3 years now and have found his business skills and acumen to be of the highest calibre. Colin is insightful, experienced and provides logical and smart solutions to a whole range of business issues. It has been pivotal to our growth to have someone like him as a consultant to our business.
Jessica Spel
Director at JSHealth
I have known and worked with Colin in different roles and capacities for the last 26 years. I have watched him develop and grow as a person. He is very disciplined, self-reliant and mentally tough in dealing with adversity and any challenge that life has to offer. I have found Colin to be very knowledgeable and extremely thorough, efficient and effective in each and every matter that I have consulted him on or project that we have worked on together. He is reliable, honest and a person of integrity who lives his life and makes decisions based on his core values. His word is his bond. I would recommend Colin to anyone in need of his legal or business acumen.
Ivan Nurick
Coach & Strategy Leader
I have known and worked with Colin Steingold for the past 11 years. During this time, he has been a trusted mentor and sounding board. I have found Colin's insight and advice on both property matters as well as dealing with team members to be fantastic. Colin is very intuitive and has excellent business acumen. I highly recommend working with Colin for any professional looking to take their business to the next level. I am more than happy to provide further information should you wish to contact me directly.
Brady Yoshia
Founder & Director / Buyers Advisor at Brady
Marcs Buyers Advisory
I have worked with Colin Steingold professionally for many years. His years of coal-face experience in both business and law have left him with the ability to think outside the square and bring a strategic approach to complex commercial and legal matters. Colin is a robust advocate for his clients’ interests – a straight shooter whose single-minded focus is to leave clients in better shape than he found them.
Thomas Russell
Piper Alderman Lawyers
Colin is an excellent business strategy advisor, who always has the clients’ best interests at heart. His wealth of experience in finance, banking and law combined with his emotional intelligence and positive attitude makes him a powerful partner for any growth business. I would highly recommend Colin if you want to get maximum gains from your business.
Sonja van den Bosch
Co-Founder One Beyond Success
I have used Colin as both my personal and my business Lawyer for the past 20 years. I have found him to be at all times professional and has always had my interests at heart. He has always delivered excellent advice regarding leases, commercial contracts and the like.
Brad Forman
Owner, PrintaNet
Colin is really perceptive and to the point; he is an expert in business strategy, and the best person I can think of to use for an exit strategy, wealth protection and water-tight wills that ensure your wishes are protected beyond the grave. Please contact me for a personal introduction.
Catherine McMurtrie
Advanced Accounts
Colin's ability to listen with intent immediately sets him apart. Within minutes of a consultation, he distills your needs into a tailor made solution. When you work with Colin you are aware of a very sharp mind that focusses on the best outcome for your situation, rather than billable hours. His passion and care for clients is always evident in his integrity.
Wally Salinger
Accelerated Results Coach